Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about how our business works and what we can do for you.

What services do you offer? We offer three separate services.
1. Online coaching focused on guiding entrepreneurs becoming leaders and helping them better run their projects in order to improve the value achieved from their investments.
2. Online events supporting our coaching programmes and delivering informative content to help you grow your business.
3. Business support services mainly with translation and audio transcriptions.
How can we order from you? We want to make sure we can help you with the biggest impact and the greatest value we can muster.
We want to get to know you before we commit to work with you.
You will first request a discovery call during which we will establish if we are a good fit. If we both agree we can indeed help you, we will ask you to apply to one of our programmes.
Do you have other websites? Yes we do.
Our coaching programme can be found at
Our Online events are explained at
Our Business Support services are detailed in full at
Can we pick your brain before we commit to you? We like to engage with those who have a common vision to ours. However you will understand that we value our time and the commitment made by paying customers. They do as a result take priority over those who want to chit-chat.
You can book a time slot with us to discuss your issues and we will find the best way to deal with them with an adequate approach tailored to your needs.